Pharma Grade


Organic, Medical Grade Hemp, Processed in a GMP Facility.

Data Driven


Formulation Based on Millions of Data Points From Medical Cannabis Patients.

Emulsified Solution for Greater Absorption

Faster Acting and More Consistent Than Oils or Pellets.

Research Backed,

Proven Safe

Our Ongoing Research Has Proven Safety With Zero Side Effects.

Equilibrium for Harness Racing

Training Young Horses

Early reports indicate customers are having success training young horses finding that they are calmer, more focused and learning from their early experiences. Treatments like clipping, farrier and vet work are also easier.

Exercise Recovery

Athletes from a variety of sports are turning to cannabinoids as an alternative to harmful NSAIDs or opioid pain killers. Horses can access the same benefits reducing the risk of colic, ulcers and other side effects from pain products.

Surgical Recovery

Animal research projects have shown that cannabinoids can reduce the time to heal fractures by as much as 25%. Aiding in the regrowth of bone could lead to faster healing and help with arthritic changes in older horses.

Stall Rest

Horses forced on to stall rest for injuries can be difficult to manage. Customers are having success managing horses who are struggling with the confinement and isolation that is an all too common occurrence. Read our case study of a yearling thoroughbred HERE.

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Available in Bottles of 7 and 28 Doses

Bottle of Equilibrium Oral



The Natural Solution

EQUILIBRIUM ORAL is scientifically formulated with medical-grade hemp, Equilibrium supports the mental and physical wellness of your horse with a powerful spectrum of naturally occurring phyto-cannabinoids. Formulated to create physical and mental equilibrium in your horse, Equilibrium contains cannabinoids that work synergistically to promote a therapeutic response in horses of all ages and breeds. Our unique emulsified solution allows for effective absorption and can be used for daily maintenance or for an acute response to a physically or mentally stressful situation.

Additional Info

• Easy to administer Liquid doses
• Unlike pellets and oils that can degrade over time, our nano-emulsified product retains its stability
• Processed in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Facility
• Research-backed micronized formula for optimal absorption

Product Specs

-Organic and vegan
-Made in USA using American hemp grown specifically for medicinal use
-250mg of active CBD per dose
-3.5ml of solution per dose
-Free of THC
-Sustainable, recyclable packaging

Potential Benefits

• Reduction in the need for medications
• Relief for pain and arthritis
• Recovery from exercise and surgery  
• Enhanced joint function
• Healthier skin and coat
• Improved digestive health


Equilibrium’s single oral dose was studied on eight Czech Warmbloods at various ages and weights. Initial feedback showed no signs of adverse side effects in the horses. There were no gastric side effects and blood pressure and heart rate remained within normal range.

The Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a complex cell-signaling system found within all mammals and plays a regulatory role within the body and helps to reach and maintain a state of homeostasis—the biological dynamic equilibrium our bodies require to function optimally. The endocannabinoid system has been found to play a role in the regulation of the central nervous, immune, endocrine systems and metabolism among other key functions. What most don't know is that the body already produces cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) via the ECS.

Cannabinoid therapy helps stimulate the endocannabinoid system through the addition of phytocannabinoids via the cannabis plant.