Case Studies

Ema Klugman

"I have been using CannaHorse Equilibrium for about a month now on my young horses. On some days they really seem to benefit, it helps one nervous four-year-old both relax and focus, we also had a successful time shipping to train off the farm one day. While I know CBD is not competition legal, I see a lot of promise in training and look forward to seeing how it could benefit older horses for recovery and starting back off of breaks."

5* Event Rider

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Iris Austin

"I used Equilibrium on my best reining 2-year-old that was behaving a little weird, with a sore back and a little anxious. My vet couldn’t find anything structural so I decided to try equilibrium. She has been on it for about 2 weeks and the difference is huge."

Reining Professional

Pelon Escapite

"With Equilibrium I found an improvement in my pony's anxiety and she kept all of her best qualities. I was really impressed, I've never used anything like it. For amateur players, it is a better alternative to overworking horses"

Professional Polo Player

Kelley Stobie

"We have been using Equilibrium recently on a chronic weaver, who would spend his entire day weaving, getting worse at feed time. After his first dose, he settled down to only weave during feeding or when there is activity outside his stall.

After 5 days, he has now been able to socialize with other horses, something he was unable to do before due to aggression. This is a significant improvement to his quality of life."

Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare

Bottle of Equilibrium Oral




EQUILIBRIUM ORAL is scientifically formulated with medical-grade hemp, Equilibrium supports the mental and physical wellness of your horse with a powerful spectrum of naturally occurring phyto-cannabinoids. Formulated to create physical and mental equilibrium in your horse, Equilibrium contains cannabinoids that work synergistically to promote a therapeutic response in horses of all ages and breeds. Our unique emulsified solution allows for effective absorption and can be used for daily maintenance or for an acute response to a physically or mentally stressful situation.

250mg of Cannabinoids per dose.

Available in bottles of 7 doses (1,750mg) and 28 doses (7,000mg).
7 dose Bottle - $54.99
28 dose Bottle - $199.99 

At 3 cents per mg, Equilibrium can be as much as half the cost of other equine cannabinoid oral products.

Note: EQUI04 expiry - 04/15/25