Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients

With a flood of CBD products hitting mainstream retail shelves, consumers have become more critical of product quality, recognizing that not all products containing hemp are safe for human and animal consumption. CannaHorse, with its pharmaceutical-based approach to cannabinoid medicine, is working to change the standards through which hemp is cultivated, extracted, and processed. 

An unfortunate result of hemp and CBD's rise in popularity is the rise in products containing sub-par and often dangerous ingredients. They use gimmicky sounding terms like "full spectrum hemp extract" to make their products sound beneficial. 

Many of the CBD and hemp oil products found on Amazon and grocery stores, pet stores, and CBD stores are processed using low-quality hemp biomass, inadequate equipment, and outdated techniques to extract and process hemp products. Some of these products claim to be organic yet still contain harmful contaminants that detract from CBD's benefits. 

Lack of laboratory testing and inadequate or inaccurate testing results have become a defined problem within the cannabis and hemp industries. As a result, people are sold products for themselves and their animals containing heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, harmful cutting agents like low-quality MCT oil, and other potentially harmful contaminants.

Understanding Organic vs. Pharmacy-Grade Products

The term organic is often misunderstood, as the term itself refers to both chemistry and a set of agricultural practices. Organic cultivation practices abide by a group of standards that avoid using chemicals that promote rapid growth and high yields, bringing the way of farming cannabis and hemp back to traditional methods. 

Unfortunately, some hemp-based products lose their organic purity when cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted using potentially harmful solvents and contaminants. 

Bringing a New Standard to Cannabinoid Medicine

CannaHorse abides by an entirely different standard for its hemp-based products with an approach rooted in pharmaceutical medicine.

Our cannabinoid products use hemp grown in Colorado that has been tracked from seed to final product, meaning that each step of the growing, extraction, processing, and testing lifespan the key ingredients have been through a chain of custody that abides by strict manufacturing and pharmaceutical standards. 

Our processes abide by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), a universal set of strict regulations for labeling products pharma-grade. GMP practices are integral to the quality assurance processes that ensure the safety of the product. These standards also ensure that each batch of product and each dose is entirely consistent in its formulation while minimizing contamination from pesticides and quality testing at every single phase of the production process.

Our scientists formulate products based on pharmaceutical product formulation best practices and combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes backed by patient-generated data provided by Strainprint. We engage in clinical trials of our products to thoroughly examine our products' efficacy on horses to ensure that formulations offer the maximum benefit to horses in and out of competition.

Equilibrium by CannaHorse

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