Liquid Emulsion Vs CBD Pellets - The Pros and Cons

There are a number of application methods for CBD for humans, pets and horses. CBD pellets for horses is a logical and familiar way to administer a supplement to your horse, but is it an effective way?

CBD horse pellets look just like any other pelleted supplement and are often made with industrial hemp along with fillers like alfalfa meal and artificial flavors like the apple flavor found in SmartPak Smart & Simple™ CBD Pellets. They are generally fed as a top dressing. The CBD in the pellets is absorbed via the stomach. Research has shown the stomach is not an effective way for cannabinoids to be absorbed into the human or equine body.

CBD emulsions are a nearly water soluble liquid solution made from hemp grown for human medical cannabis patients. The emulsion uses 99% isolated cannabinoids in a process that increases bioavailability via turning the solution into nano-droplets increasing surface area and allowing for faster and more efficient absorption. 


How Do They Compare?

CBD Emulsion


  • Consistent, accurate dosing
  • Fast acting, reliable results
  • Easy to transport, 12 month shelf life
  • No unnecessary ingredients


  • Dosing with oral syringe can be challenging with some horses
  • Premium price

CBD Pellets for Horses


  • Convenient, familiar format
  • Cheap
  • Generally palatable


  • Degrades quickly when exposed to air
  • Inconsistent absorption 
  • Requires very large serving for comparable results
  • Contains fillers and other ingredients that could interact with existing supplement program

Equilibrium by CannaHorse

Bottle of Equilibrium Oral