CannaHorse Supporting Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare

CannaHorse is supporting Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare to help thoroughbreds transition off the racetrack to new careers. CannaHorse is providing CTA with their first cannabinoid-based therapeutic, Equilibrium to help racehorses with the stress of acclimating to life off the track.

"Helping our horses transition to life away from the track is step one in our program and we have found Equilibrium by CannaHorse to be helpful in that process." Said Kelley Stobie, President of CTA. "We really like that it's a natural product and we don't have to worry about the side effects that might come with some pharmaceutical products. We have been using Equilibrium recently on a chronic weaver, who would spend his entire day weaving, getting worse at feed time. After his first dose, he has now settled down to only weave during feeding or with activity outside his stall. After 5 days, he is now able to socialize, something he was unable to do before due to aggression. This is a significant improvement to his quality of life."

"Having spent much of my career around the racetrack, I know very well how the transition from the track to the farm can be stressful." Added CannaHorse founder Warren Byrne. "CannaHorse is happy to support an organization like Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare, they have an international reputation for doing right by the horse."

To learn more about Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare and to donate, visit their website or find them on social media.

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