CannaHorse Success Stories: Top Event Rider Ema Klugman

By Caroline Cochran 

Ema Klugman made a name for herself during her 5* debut as the highest-placed young rider at the 2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event. But despite her young age, Ema is already a sought-after professional who balances an impressive competitive career with a thriving training business.

A few years ago, Ema had never considered that CBD could play an integral role in her training program. Today, CannaHorse Equilibrium is a valuable tool that Ema relies on to build confidence in the off-season, promote focus in young horses, and help anxious horses stay calm during stressful situations. Keep reading to find out why.

Searching For Calming Support That Works

Ema runs her training and sales operation out of her family's farm in Maryland, where she trains horses ranging from unstarted three-year-olds to Advanced level event horses. As she began working with more young horses that struggled with stress, she searched for better alternatives to traditional sedatives and calming supplements.

"I wasn't looking for a CBD supplement specifically, but I was interested in new options after struggling with mixed results using popular brands of calming supplements."

After stumbling upon CannaHorse, Ema began researching the brand. Talking to Founder Warren Byrne and learning more about the research behind CannaHorse products convinced her to give Equilibrium a chance. She immediately saw a difference in her young horses that struggled with stress.

"On some days they really seem to benefit, it helps one nervous four-year-old both relax and focus, we also had a successful time shipping to train off the farm one day."

The Applications Of CBD In An Eventing Barn

To respect current FEI and USEF rules regarding cannabinoids, Ema is careful not to use Equilibrium on competition horses within 30 days of an event. However, that doesn't mean CBD products don't belong in a high-performance barn.

One of Ema's favorite things about Equilibrium is that it helps keep young horses calm without inhibiting their learning ability. While many trainers may use sedatives on anxious horses during stressful situations like travel and clipping, these drugs can make horses unsafe to ride and not allow the horse to learn from new experiences.

Equilibrium promotes a calmer mind without impacting focus or balance, giving horses a positive experience and creating a productive training opportunity.

"When you trailer anxious horses off property, they normally carry that travel stress into your ride. With Equilibrium, you can go right to work and give them a positive experience."

Ema was especially surprised by the difference Equilibrium makes in horses that are difficult for clipping. Providing horses with a single dose beforehand kept them calm so Ema could clip them quickly and efficiently without sedation.

While Ema has thankfully not had to use Equilibrium on a horse during stall rest, she believes CBD could be highly beneficial for event horses recovering from an injury. Equilibrium could help promote calmness during periods of confinement and assist riders in gradually reintroducing exercise to horses coming back from a break.

Building Confidence In Horses and Riders

Confidence is essential for success in eventing. But a lack of confidence often holds back both horses and riders. So while Ema appreciates that Equilibrium can help professionals have more productive and enjoyable training sessions, she also believes Equilibrium has the potential to help amateurs and juniors feel more confident on their horses.

 "Amateur and junior riders often worry when their horse feels anxious. Equilibrium can help riders feel more confident when their horse is more relaxed."

Positive experiences are also important for riders, and building confidence with Equilibrium during the off-season can have a significant impact when show season arrives.

Why Ema Klugman Recommends CannaHorse Equilibrium

Ema believes Equilibrium could be tremendously beneficial for the eventing community and any horse person looking for an alternative to traditional calming supplements or sedatives. Whether you are a 5* event rider or a happy hacker, Equilibrium can help promote the confidence and focus your horse needs to thrive. 

Although Ema didn't plan on using a CBD product, the research and innovation behind CannaHorse gave her the confidence to try Equilibrium. Learn more about Equilibrium today to find out how cannabinoid-based therapies can benefit your horse.

Caroline Cochran is a former FEI groom with a degree in biological science. Her work has been featured in publications such as The Chronicle of The Horse.

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