CannaHorse, Inc USA Launches EQUILIBRIUM ORAL with Executive Leadership and Investment Update

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - April 26, 2021) - CannaHorse, Inc. (USA) is proud to announce its first equine cannabinoid therapeutic product is now commercially available. EQUILIBRIUM ORAL is an ingested cannabinoid formulation designed to reduce anxiety in horses, formulated alongside Strainprint Technologies Ltd, the leading data and analytics company for the academic and commercial cannabis industry. The product line is derived from American hemp grown for medical purposes that is tracked from seed to your horse. CannaHorse's products have completed safety trials in the Czech Republic, as part of a health and safety study to be released shortly. CannaHorse's line of oral and topical products are based on two years of preclinical and clinical research supporting the enhanced bioavailability compared to traditional CBD products. CannaHorse is in the process of executing coordinated efficacy studies in Kentucky and Jamaica, where the company has exclusive access to over 300 horses.

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"We understand just how important the health and well-being of high-performing animals truly are. Over the past two years the team at CannaHorse has been working to develop safe products that are reliable and consistent in their dosing. The products we are creating are the only data-backed, purpose-built cannabinoid formulations on the animal market anywhere in the world. The interest we have received from international level riders, trainers, and veterinarians has been very enthusiastic, they are looking for alternatives, and EQUILIBRIUM is a great starting point to providing those options."
- Warren Byrne, Founder

A topical version of EQUILIBRIUM is coming soon, along with future CannaHorse products designed to target equine pain, recovery, and gut health. CannaHorse's complete line of active cannabinoid formulations for horses aims to provide safer alternatives to traditional veterinary pharmaceuticals. CannaHorse's established strategic partnership with Bimeda Animal Health, one of the world's largest and most innovative animal pharmaceutical manufacturers, allows CannaHorse to expand its footprint into the 75 countries they distribute its products. Once cannabinoid-based medicines are permitted in different jurisdictions, CannaHorse is strategically poised to be first out of the gate.

The team at CannaHorse believe in drug-free sport and aim to create safer, more compassionate drug-free alternatives for horses. The company believes their products are well-positioned in competition horses in early training, during breaks, and in recovery from events and injuries while staying within competition regulations. In a University of Michigan study, 64% of patients using medical cannabis to control chronic pain, noted a reduction in the use of traditional prescription pain medication, which CannaHorse hopes it can replicate in animals with its proprietary formulated blend of phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes.

Equine formulations and cannabinoid-delivery techniques are based on cannabinoid and terpene data from partner Strainprint, sourced from millions of data points from real-world medical cannabis patients making it the largest dataset of medical cannabis patients in the world.

"At Strainprint, we are excited to be working with CannaHorse to design and deliver data-backed, purpose-built cannabinoid products for equine patients. CannaHorse products were designed based on analysis of the Real-World Evidence dataset that tracks over 2 million interactions across a variety of disease and symptom states. Working closely with CannaHorse and our veterinary academic research partners, we believe we have a novel product that will reduce anxiety and greatly improve the health and well-being of these competitive high-performance animals." - David Berg, President and CTO Strainprint Technologies Ltd.

CannaHorse is also pleased to announce some recent additions to its executive team, adding Dr. Shea Porr, PhD. a university educator with specific expertise in research from recent equine CBD studies that allow CannaHorse to continue to develop next-generation equine veterinary health products. The company has also added Matt Schwartz and Danielle O'Beirne, who will provide financial and medical cannabis product launch/development support experience. Together, the team hopes that with a new invigorated US focus, they can create reliable and doseable veterinary products that can easily fit existing equine health programs.



Equilibrium by CannaHorse

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