Pam's Story

I use a CBD gummy to help me sleep at night. I’m an amateur rider in my second year of law school and I tend to keep myself up with racing thoughts about things I need to get done the next day for class and internships. CBD seems to slow that train down a bit. There’s certainly no high from it and it doesn’t make me groggy or sleepy like a sleeping pill. It just helps to settle and focus my mind and eliminate the random thoughts that start chattering the moment my head hits the pillow. 
More recently, I switched to a CBD product that combines 20 milligrams of CBD with three milligrams of melatonin, and it works even better.

I think what makes some people nervous when they hear “CBD” is that they associated it with marijuana. It’s not pot, there is no kind of high from it. If anything, I’d say people new to CBD products need to be careful that they aren’t buying one with no effectiveness because of how little CBD is actually in the product. Do your research on what you’re buying. Most people don’t feel any effect below 20 milligrams. The products with the higher CBD concentration are
generally more expensive but you’re getting what you pay for. 

How It Helps 

I love CBD! I love falling asleep quicker and actually sleeping through the night without getting up. There are still some people who may raise an eyebrow at CBD as a concept. But if anyone has been thinking about trying CBD and is nervous about it, I’d 100% say go for it.

Equilibrium by CannaHorse

Bottle of Equilibrium Oral