5 ways CannaHorse could benefit Thoroughbreds

Now that the Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) and the Horse Racing Integrity and Welfare Unit (HIWU) medication rules are officially in place, CBD is now a Controlled Medication

Here are 5 ways you can safely use CannaHorse products with thoroughbreds:

Yearling Prep

As yearlings begin the sales prep process they are being introduced to new physical and mental challenges, some will handle these better than others. Equilibrium could be helpful in this process by making new experiences less stressful through reducing stress and recover faster from the increase in exercise. 

Rehab / Layups

Equilibrium can make the recovery process easier for horses, whether they're taking a break after a long campaign or rehabbing from an injury. Along with the stress associated with stall rest, cannabinoids have the potential to help with inflammation, pain, and tissue repair. This is especially important when bringing horses back into work, as preventing re-injury is paramount.

Surgical Recovery

Research conducted in Israel has shown that CBD treatment can accelerate fracture healing in lab animals by up to 24%. In the study, CBD was found to increase the callus mineral density after just 4 weeks, compared to the control group. Equilibrium, a CBD-based treatment, has the potential to not only speed up the healing process but also keep horses comfortable and reduce stress during recovery. This makes it a promising option for both first-line and complementary therapy for fracture treatment.


Stallions have a demanding life, with the physical and mental demands of modern book sizes keeping them busier than ever. Breeding up to four times per day can take its toll. However, recent research conducted at Texas A&M has shown that treatment with CBD over a longer term (90 days in this study) has no negative impact on a stallion's libido, sperm count, motility, or testosterone levels. This research suggests that Equilibrium, a CBD-based treatment, could be a viable alternative to NSAIDs and their potential long-term side effects.

Read both studies from Texas A&M HERE and HERE.

Older Mares

As mares age, carrying a foal for the majority of their life can put extra pressure on joints that may have been damaged during their racing career. However, there is no data to suggest that treatment with CBD (without THC) has an impact on their fertility or ability to carry a foal to term, similar to stallions. Equilibrium, a CBD-based treatment, could help mares feel more comfortable year-round, especially during the later stages of pregnancy when their increased weight takes a greater toll on their joints.

How long does CBD stay in a thoroughbred's system?

Read our recently published study examining the clearance time of CBD in a group of 8 thoroughbreds HERE.

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