Strainprint maintains the world's largest dataset on medical cannabis use in humans. Strainprint helps medical cannabis patients and doctors to use cannabis in the most effective and responsible way possible.

 The data collected by Strainprint is used to guide doctors and patients to specific cannabis products, in order to treat specific ailments, based on cannabinoid and terpene formulas.

CannaHorse uses this data to determine the cannabinoid and terpene content and ratios for our product lines.

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Biopharm is one of Europe's leading contract research organizations, based just outside Prague in the Czech Republic. Biopharm received approval from the Czech Ministry of Health to conduct CannaHorse's initial pharmacokinetic, bioavailability and behavioural studies. These were among the first ever licenses by a federal government for invasive trials of cannabis on animals in Europe.

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Bimeda is an Irish animal pharmaceutical manufacturer with manufacturing operations on 5 continents and sales to 75 countries. Based in Chicago, Bimeda manufacture leading equine products including Polyglycan and ConfidenceEQ among a number of anti-parasitic drugs, vaccines and others.

Bimeda aid CannaHorse in research, manufacturing and distribution strategy.