CBD for Horses

Canada’s Equine Cannabis Brand is a World First


July 2, 2019



Can you say four-twen-neigh?

You’ve likely heard about CBD and its potential to be infused into dog treats to treat everything from pain to anxiety.

But we admit, this one threw us for a loop.

Recently, Toronto-based company CannaHorse announced it was launching “the world’s first ever legal cannabis brand dedicated to horse health.”

The company said in a press release that it is seeking to provide a plant-based solution to traditional pharmaceuticals.

And the company says it won’t just be a one-trick pony: they hope their products will help everything from pain and inflammation, to anxiety, exercise, surgical recovery, and overall wellness.

Last week, Health Canada proposed a new class of cannabis products called Cannabis Health Products (CHP). This is Health Canada’s answer to those in the industry calling for CBD products to include a natural health product number. Unlike regular natural health products, Cannabis Health Products will only be allowed to be sold in existing cannabis retail outlets.

Health Canada Considering Categorizing CBD as Natural Health Product

CannaHorse is likely pleased, however, since Health Canada says they will explicitly allow CHPs intended for animal use.

While the ethos of the company may seem promising, it’s clear they are at the beginning of their journey: no product lines have been announced yet.

The company says that before it markets its drugs it needs to obtain clinical trial data. Luckily, they have enlisted former University of Guelph Professor Dr. Michael Lindinger, a Canadian nutraceutical expert, to help conduct clinical trials on the formulations which the company hopes will eventually be sold across Canada.


Link: https://www.leafly.ca/news/science-tech/cbd-horses-announcement

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