Case Study: Chelsea Gammon - Taming Mustangs with CBD

You could say that Chelsea Gammon has done it all: she started riding at the age of 3, went on her first foxhunt with her grandpa at the age of 8, competed in Hunter/Jumpers, switched to eventing and now is the Field Master at Bellwood Hunt Club in Spring City, PA She also recently founded Folly and Friends Mustang Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that provides a sanctuary for wild mustangs and ultimately helps transition them to life as domesticated animals.

When fireworks started exploding around the farm on the 4th of July, Gammon used Equilibrium on several of her barely broke mustangs who had been spooked by the noises and were trying to crash through their pen.

“The horses were very worked up, and we gave them some Equilibrium,” she says. “After that, there was none of the crashing through panels, no sweating. It really helped with their stress.”

Gammon uses many of these mustangs as Foxhunting horses.

“I have one mare who is 4 years old and was started straight from the wild, so she was very anxious,” Gammon says. “I gave her Equilibrium and she was a little looky on her first three hunts, but overall, she was OK. On her fourth hunt, I forgot to give her a dose, and she could not focus. I realized then that this product is an essential tool that I need for the daily life of these mustangs. I like to use Equilibrium for big milestones, like the farrier, to make it a good experience for everybody.”

Unlike with other calming methods such as Ace, Equilibrium provides a natural way to reduce a horse’s stress and help them focus but without any of the sluggish side-effects seen with other drugs.

“I work with wild horses, and I like to use a horse-positive method, and a natural product such as CannaHorse really fits into that,” Gammon says. “This product really helps ease their nerves and stress with all the new things the mustangs have to do. It helps me take a wild horse and turn him into a calm, domestic partner. It just helps them adjust to new things and makes it a stress-free experience for the horse, rider and handler."

Equilibrium by CannaHorse

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