Dr. Elizabeth's Story

I’m a veterinary surgeon and a competitive show jumper. At home and at schooling shows, I can jump around at any height all day every day with a huge smile on my face. But put me in a show ring, make me walk a 1.0m or a 1.10m class and I am profusely sweating with a heart rate that feels like it’s approaching one thousand beats per minute. I can’t even think straight—and it shows in my performance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone off course or chipped from sheer overthinking. My horse is the kindest packer you’ve ever met and even he has started to think something has to be up if his rider gets this worried.

The fear was dangerous. And embarrassing. I do surgery on horses. I handle catastrophic injuries in emergency situations as my nine to five job. I don’t get stressed easily. Correction: I don’t get stressed easily unless there are 12 fences set up in front of me and I am supposed to jump them in a certain order in a set amount of time. That situation makes me want to throw up. I have often wondered why I even bother showing.

I’ve tried countless things to cure my show anxiety over the years. I read sports psychology books. I attempted every tip anyone would give me. Then, eventually I tried CBD gummies.

How It Helps

I use CBD gummies on every show day. I still get anxious as I walk the course, but it is controllable and healthy. My heart rate doesn’t even go up until I actually ride into the ring, and that is mostly from excitement. In fact, the gummies are working so well my coach commented that maybe I should stop taking them because I was a bit unmotivated in my jump off rounds. CBD helps me manage my show anxiety, so I can focus on enjoying the sport I love.

Equilibrium by CannaHorse

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