Danielle's Story

I probably get asked every week from someone in my horse network, “Hey Danielle, can I give my horse CBD?” I have no idea how to answer that question because there is very little research on the effects of CBD on horses. So, when I saw that CannaHorse was doing research in this area, it interested me.

My background is in health science and business. Initially, I worked in the pharma industry, but it wasn’t a full wellness approach. I wanted to be somewhere that considered all aspects of health care including plant medicine. I spent some time working in the strategy department for a large pharmacy chain, which led me to enter the cannabis industry about four years ago. 

Cannabis excites me because of all the potential applications it has. I’ve heard so many stories about how it affects peoples’ lives in such a positive way. I am passionate about making it more readily accessible and safe for people. I don’t think it’s going to be a wonder drug for everything. We’re still trying to figure out what it’s best used for, but to see the applications so broad already is quite exciting. 

I also want to fight the stigma against it. When I started in this industry, my grandparents didn’t want to hear about what I did. Now, they’re coming around. People want to learn more about the work I’m involved in and, career-wise, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity—to see something that people went to jail for to fully legalized? That’s incredible. 

How it Can Help

I’m excited about a solution for horse pain and anxiety. You see a lot of senior horses go through horrible end of life experiences. There’s not a lot of treatments, there’s not a lot of ways to keep them comfortable, and there’s not a lot of options out there without horrible side effects. 

What we need is research. We know animals metabolize drugs differently than humans. CannaHorse is doing something very special here. A lot of horses and owners will benefit from the research they’re working on.

Equilibrium by CannaHorse

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