Cass' Story

When I was 17, I shattered my left leg. It was my first major riding injury.

I’ve ridden horses my whole life—my mom put me on the back of a horse as soon as I could hold my head up. Now we run an equestrian centre and boarding stable specializing in hunter jumpers.

When I broke my leg, it was the schooling day of a show. I was just jumping my horse around and she suddenly stopped and reared. We think she jammed her shoulder. We don’t know for sure, but she seemed to feel sudden pain and freaked out.

When she reared, I came off. I landed on my feet, but as she came down, her hoof struck my left leg. I knew immediately it was broken.

The x-rays revealed I had a tibia and fibula fracture. My tibia was a clean break, but it was displaced. My fibula was broken everywhere. I spent two weeks in a splint and then had surgery to repair my tibia.

Six weeks after the surgery I started riding again. It was earlier than I was supposed to ride—I was still walking with a boot on. But I really wanted to get on a horse again.

The doctor prescribed Percocet to manage the pain while my leg healed, but the pills made me super groggy and tired. My dad used CBD to help him sleep, so it was natural for me to try it.

How it Helps

I used the CBD cream and gummies to stretch out the length of time between Percocet pills and then to get off the pain pills earlier than planned. I had a three month supply but only used them for two months.

I’m now 19 years old and still use CBD to for aches and pains. A few months ago, I broke my collarbone when I flipped over off of a horse. I’ve been using CBD to help manage the pain for that injury and it’s been a speedy recovery.

I use it for many things now. CBD is great for injuries, but also overall relaxation, sleep and general soreness. It’s helped me immensely so that I can continue to ride and help out around the farm even if I’m injured.

Equilibrium by CannaHorse

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