5 Ways CannaHorse Fits Into A Competition Barn

With a blanket ban on cannabinoids by most national federations and the FEI, it would be easy to assume CBD medications and supplements don't fit in your program. 

Below are 5 ways we think you might be surprised how easily CannaHorse products could become a part of your program. 

Young Horses

Young horses who might be months or even years from competition could benefit from cannabis products in a number of ways. Calming agents are very popular from two-year-olds at the racetrack to hunter/jumper and pleasure horses. Acepromazine for example, can leave horses groggy and potentially off-balance. They're also, typically, not learning little from the experience and going through the motions.

Young horses being put through early training may benefit from faster recovery and a calmer mind. Having a calm two-year-old could mean less potential injury and a more focused brain during training. 

Post Injury

Horses treated with cannabis products post injury may recovery faster. Studies have shown that CBD demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties that could prevent development of pain. In a study of rats, transdermal CBD gel showed reduced joint swelling, pain, and thickening. This resulted in less pain-related behaviors and stress. CBD has shown to help increase weight bearing and withdrawal threshold during recovery.  Without the additional pain of an injury, the equine athlete could focus on a successful and speedy recovery.

Post Surgery

Cannabinoids, especially CBD and CBC, have been shown to promote the regrowth of bone after fracture. Multiple studies, including an Israeli study using rats showed that fracture healing time can be increased by as much as 24%. CBD stimulated expression of a gene that involved collagen stabilization and bone healing. This improvement in healing is a  significant amount of time for improved recovery and quicker return to sport.

Event Recovery

Many horses are not competing week after week. CannaHorse products used immediately after competition when a horse will not be competing for a number of weeks can be a great way to help in recovery while staying within bounds of testing. Research shows that in the right dosages, CBD demonstrates reduction in joint pain, inflammation, improved mobility, and also can be beneficial for Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage recovery. These characteristics are extremely beneficial to allow an equine athlete to have the best recovery possible, all while working around the competition schedule.


There are a myriad of ways CannaHorse products could benefit your horses in the offseason. A healthier horse through the offseason can lead to a healthier horse during the season. As cannabinoid products only help the body to maintain homeostasis, there is no build up and loss of muscle mass or other side effects such as those of growth stimulants and hormones.